Social Page

Social Page

To create a Social Page, you need to click "Create a Bandlink" and select "Social Page".

ATTENTION! Please make sure your page limit is not exceeded.

This module provides basic settings for a Social Page. It allows you to configure the basic look of the Social Page.

Name – здесь вы можете ввести ваше имя или название компании.

The “Add link” button helps to add links to social networks or other websites.

If the link to a service you are using is not automatically recognized, let us know about it via the support form. Alternatively, you can customize this link using the “Edit” button. In the customization menu you can set a default icon, service name and action button type for the link. You can choose between 6 icons and 5 action button types.

After adding all the necessary information, you need to save the changes.

You can also change the order of the links or delete links from the list.

Mobile page cover allows you to upload your picture from computer (resolution: 300х300px, size: no larger than 5 MB, image format: JPG, PNG).

Enable dark theme allows you to change primary design and font colors of your Social Page.

Show iTunes preview adds a release preview player from iTunes.

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