Short Link

Short Link

To create a Short Link, you need to click "Create a Bandlink" and select "Short Link".

This module provides basic settings for a Short Link. It allows you to customize the look of the shortened URL. You can set a unique URL name and choose one of the domains or subdomains. All information is to be entered manually, so be careful when filling it out.

URL to shorten – here you enter a link to shorten. When adding a link, make sure to use the full URL starting with http:// or https://.

In addition to the automatically generated link, you can choose between two default domain names as well as set a custom URL alias (4-25 characters long). Paid users can also add individual subdomains (such as and domains (such as

The "Copy" button allows you to quickly copy the shortened link to the clipboard.

Short Link includes the following additional modules: